Saturday, May 06, 2006


This picture compares and contrasts. The left hand side as you look at it is how they want me to fold it after I put the zipper in. Notice it covers up my piping and will be REALLY wide. The right hand side is how I want to do it, with the self-facing turned to the inside so its narrower, and the piping shows.

This picture is a close up of the facing, folded only once.

First the zipper didn't come in the mail. And now I'm totally flummoxxed --

1) Pin front band to front matching symbols. Stitch. Press seam toward front (did that. That's when I put the piping in)

2) Turn front bad to inside along inner fold line, as show. Press. Baste across upper edge (did that)

3) Open zipper. Pin zipper face down to front band self facing, placing stop at large circle and teeth over center front fold line, as shown. Bast in center of zipper through all thicknesses (that's 2 thicknesses by now. I'm working
with a shorter zipper than it calls for -- 22', not 36;)

I haven't done this yet, b/c its the next step that screws me....

4) on outside stitch along basting using a zipper foot.

5) Turn front band to outside along center front foldline, as shown. Press, baste across upper edge.

This is where I get totally screwed. The final fold makes it four layers of velvet, which is thick and lumpy. Plus the final fold covers up all the piping I worked so hard to put in there.

So my thought is to turn the front band to the inside along the fold line, and somehow decrease the amount of velvet so its only 2 thicknesses, not four.

am I going to ruin everything? I'm worried about the yoke fitting....


abi's mom said...

I really don't know how much help I'm going to be with this--sewing directions always flummox me. What I will say is that if you put piping in, you should not cover it up. And 4 layers of velvet seems wrong. Can't you pin things together the way you want them to be and see how the yoke fits on top of it all, before sewing it all together?

patti said...

K~ Was telling your grandmother about the zipper/velvet problem and she suggested velcro tabs as closures. Sounds tacky,I know but sewing a zipper into velvet may not work, so just keep it in the back of your mind. Maybe even as a standby if zipper doesn't show up.

abi's mom said...

Good idea! Or hooks & eyes.