Thursday, October 12, 2006

2 Days and Counting!!

A centerpiece for your next dinner party?


erica said...

If featuring a centerpiece like this on my dinner table meant that I could move back into my house tomorrow and start throwing dinner parties, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

But since that's probably not the case, you'll have to settle for something else.

amy said...

amazing. are those dried flowers or silk? just wondering.

patti said...

To answer your question~check the price!!

This one of a kind arrangement, crafted from driftwood and seashells, is a SheaShells® signature design created for specialized decor, a gorgeous accent piece for any elegant room your home or office. The driftwood was found on the beach in Florida and is a very beautiful solid specimen with gently sloping curves. This piece, with it's grasses and windswept ribbons, reminds me of childhood walks along the New Jersey Palisades, with my Mom and Dad, the grasses dancing their own ballet in the ocean breeze racing up the Hudson River. I have added dried flowers and grasses, real seashells. And sweet memories.
All of our SeaShells Centerpieces are permanent arrangements

Palisades Driftwood Sculpture
SeaShell Arrangement
Approximately 19" h x 17" w
$119.95 + s/h
(metal stand NOT included)

amy said...

thanks for that great description.
i can tell you right now my drift wood crafts are not that involved.
so please don't be disappointed.

erica said...


And we're not selling our crafts because....????