Monday, October 23, 2006

CowBOO Hat

Working outside your normal is some times scary......

Let me explain. Usually my sister has a Halloween party so this year I decided to be prepared. My mother, father, sisters and nephews expect me to be weird and I did not wish to disappoint them. All of this stuff, except the netting came from the dollar store, even the hat. So yesterday with my trusty glue gun in hand I got to work. Bats, snakes, roaches, spiders, rats, etc., adorn the brim. The netting is black with orange sparkles. I think it will look stunning with a black skirt, black jacket and black cowboy boots. I also have a string of BIG orange beads to wear which were also from the $store. I wanted to be subtle, yet edgy. Did I succeed?

I hope the crafters challenge didn't spell the end of our's been pretty quiet! I know what Amy and Kristen have been up to, but where are your priorities? Remember our motto? "Blog first and take care of other things after".

My Oh My! What a week it was!!!


kdh said...

I love it I love it I love it! Its going to be perfect for Linda's party (she rewallpapers her house, and the number of "residents" increase by an even dozen, so you know the woman takes her halloween seriously!!)

the bugs aare the perfect touch!

Just as a sidebar, i sent dollar store squishy skulls to my staff, and they LOVED them!

kdh said...

new challenge indeed! I was thinking of proposing something in the realm of "euphemisms for getting fired". What do you think?

amy said...

very cool, spooky hat. everything from the dollar store, what a deal! i knew i should of put you in charge of lucy's costume, you would have thought of something spectacular. there's always next year.
i'm up for another challenge. i've been trying to think of something that's as good as driftwood but i've got nothin'.
i have a halloween crafty thing to blog too so stay tuned.

erica said...

I love it!

Amy, doesn't Lucy eat her costume? We gave up long ago because Abi tends to chew up her reindeer antlers or whatever else we adorn her with. Clearly not a Wegman dog.

erica said...

I havent' done much crafty stufff lately (the challenge wore me out!), but I went to the Bethesda Row Arts Fest last weekend and saw some great stuff. Does that count?

patti said...

Erica, yes, it counts! Tell us about it!

What is Lucy going to be?-or is it a surprise to be posted on

A new challenge would be great. We could do your challenge, Kristen but we need more guidelines and the definition of "euphemisms";)

patti said...

P.S. Maybe I should have titled my post--CowGHOUL Hat.

(I just crack myself up)

The Halloween Party is ON for this Saturday so you are all welcome to come.

amy said...

this is our first year with lucy during halloween. i'm sure she will eat or try to eat whatever we put on her but i'm going to try. i'm going to try and make her a beagle bagel. it will be a challenge but i'll blog don't worry.