Saturday, October 14, 2006

Driftwood Challenge

You know how much I love the beach and you know how muc I love driftwood so I crafted this life sized model of my favorite animal ----Not!!

This is a shrine which I titled "Bird's Eye View".
The small people on park benches were found at an antique mall out West and I never knew what to do with them, until now. The legs are brass bolts from the hardware store and the bird is from a garage sale. The back and sides are plastered with "birdy" sayings.
The most fun was trying to get everything to stay glued.
I gave this piece of driftwood several coats of clear spray and then split a chunk off-oh darn!#%&*!!-when I tried to put a hole in it thus the 2 gold beads at the bottom in an attempt to cover up the mistake. The chain is an extra long old watch chain, the amber pendant both flea market finds.

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kdh said...

I IMed my many comments to mom about how cool this is, and wondered out loud if we would have made the same necklace if I haven't given up on the soldering!