Monday, October 30, 2006

Don't get too excited...'s just a couple of websites.

The first is VERY cool, though not particularly close to any of us.

The second is Alot of great fabric, trim, buttons, etc.

My current project seems to be the We picked paint colors on Saturday and I did a bit of purging and packing on Sunday. So you may not be seeing much from me in the way of output for a bit. But I think I'm going to Stitches on Saturday, so I'll file a report next week.


kdh said...

I am too too too excited that your house is progressing, and wonder if I coan offer my services to help paint again. I still remember the goldfish/cantalope color of the extra bedroom, before you toned it down ...

Stitches sounds way cool and I'm pretty jealous!

I'll check out the websites tomorrow and maybe post a pic of my latest project -- a halloween costume!

erica said...

I was wondering about that halloween costume! Please share!

Hopefully no one's painting services will be required, as the contractor has agreed to do it. Though I've got your number if it turns out we need some help. Hopefully we won't have to tone down anything this time!

erica said...

And how did the CowGhoul hat work for you, Patti?

patti said...

The cowghoul hat was a hit. The big problem was the rubber bugs kept popping off. I guess hot glue wasn't right for the job.

Interesting websites.

Your house is looking good!!