Saturday, April 08, 2006

beads and other adventures

Hey guys --
So after buying just about every bead in the Western hemisphere (yes, i did make Paul wait for me outside of Beadazzled when I was in DC, just because I hadn't got JUST the right shade of brown at the Atlanta bead show the day before ...), I finally just got around to making some necklaces. Here are the fruits of my labor.

You'll notice that I redid the red one so its not quite so heavy. Not sure I love the green and orange one quite yet, so that might get a redo.

And here's my bag -- need some advice on how to do the handles. The pattern calls for a zipper -- is that within my skill set?

And here's my final treat of the day -- I went to the Dogwood festival in Piedmont Park today, which had a very big craft festival (and beer and kettle korn and corn dogs, but I wouldn't know anything about that, would I?) I bought this vase, which I thought was really pretty -- and I loved the (expensive!) jewelry that this woman did:


abi's mom said...

Oooh! A post! I've been waiting for someone to do something! This class I'm teaching is sucking up way too much time so I'm crafting vicariously. Though I was just at AC Moore, where stamps are 40% off at the moment.

LOVE the brown & red necklaces! Is the brown one new? Looks kind of familiar to me, but maybe not. I'll be honest--I like the style of the green & pink one, but not lovin' the colors--a little too pastel for me (says the woman who is wearing all black today). Oddly, it does remind me of a bracelet I was contemplating at Target-colors, tail & all. But the colors got me there, too.

The vase is beautiful! Very Roycroft-y. When I saw it I immediately thought of your lamp--then noticed that it was next to it in the pic!

Going to play with some stamps now.

abi's mom said...

Oh, I forgot about the bag--fabric is great, by the way. Zippers are totally within your skill set, but I think it might help to use a zipper foot. I did some w/o before and I really think that taking the time to figure it out might be worth it.

patti said...

The vase is amazing! Is the Dogwood festival wortha "field trip" next year?
Try the zipper. See how it goes.I don't think it would be to hard. I agree with Erica about the zipper foot.It's the only way to get really close to the zipper. I'm sure you have one in your little bag of attachments.
The necklaces are beautiful.The one you don't care for might be just the thing whith the right summer outfit.

patti said...

I love the jewelry!!!