Sunday, April 09, 2006

I think I appliqued...

After my trip to AC Moore this morning, I couldn't resist playing around a bit, so I made a drawstring bag for my mom.

Our camera is on the way to that eternal photo shop in the sky, so please excuse the fuzzy pictures. This is the 2nd one I did--the first one was a lot crazier and I'm not so sure about it.

I've also started on the stainless steel tank top (I just like saying that). It's nice to knit with after you get past the first few rows. I'll post pictures the moment my camera decides to let me take a picture. It's clearly not sympathetic to the blogging I have to do.


kdh said...

This won't surprise you, but I want to see the crazy one, please.

Erica, Amy can hook you up with the biggest catalog of stamps EVER!

I really like the bag and am duly impressed with the stamping -- very cool idea. Whoda thunk it?

kdh said...

As for my jewelry, they are all new. I have the brown one on today. It looks pretty in the sun. I however, am NOT in the sun. They seem to have run the airconditioning all weekend long in here, so its approximately 43 degrees -- a solid 25 degrees colder than it is outside. I may be on a bench with a laptop today~!

patti said...

I loved the bag and I can picture using it to collect seashells with while walking on the beach. I'll send a photo of my seashell collection box soon.

abi's mom said...

I'm absolutely loving the stamping thing. You know, I had a feeling Amy would be able to help w/the stamps. Where has she gotten to, by the way?

You're in the South now, K--AC is a serious thing down there.

I'd love to see the shell box.

abi's mom said...

oh, and I'll post the crazy one if my camera allows me to.