Friday, April 21, 2006

Not As Exciting As POTD!

I fear we are falling behind in the blog race. We need to step up the pace if we hope to compete. So here are 2 necklaces I did.
This one is a tile with my grandmother's picture on it. I did it a while ago but last weekend I redid it. The original beads I had used looked very tacky and I had used wire that was kinky so this version is an upgrade. I am wondering if it needs maybe some branch fringe?

The second necklace is lemon quartz and smoky topaz. I found the quartz in Charleston. It is a very pretty necklace but I have yet to wear it because it seems to go with nothing!

I have a new web site for you to check out.
It is the Savanah College of Arts & Design's site. Some interesting things.


Scott said...

Oh those are very pretty! Definitely some good competion for potd. I'm not sure they can compete with Patti's exclusive interview, though.

What ever happened to the sweater idea? If you rip off the sleeves and do a good job of structuring the bodice, it might just work!

abi's mom said...

It's hard to compete w/puppies.

I love the grandma one--I think it's good how it is, but can also see how you might want to add something. What if you'd take more of the beads that are down there by the heart and make a 2nd strand a bit shorter than what you've got now? Does that make sense?

abi's mom said...

And the other one really doesn't go with anything? I'm surprised.

I just bought some more stamps so I'll hopefully have something to show for it by the end of the weekend. I'm also almost finished with Side 1 of the stainless steel tank top (hereafter referred to as the SSTT). And you know what's great about that? There's only 1 side to go! No sleeves! I may have found another project that I'll actually finish! Woo hoo!

abi's mom said...

Oooh...good website! I like Robin Miller's stuff a lot.

patti said...

ahhh! I like the idea of a second strand.