Monday, April 10, 2006

A new knitty!

The new is up--and do I ever want to make a Nautie!!! For what, I don't know, but they're cute.

On another note, I went into a shop called Blue House in Bethesda the other day. It's got lots of higher end baby stuff & house stuff & picture frames & what not. It's all over-priced, if you ask me, but what particularly caught my eye were some baby blankets. They were about 40-ish inches square, just made of 9 blocks of flannel with a solid flannel back. No batting, no quilting, not even any topstitching around the edge. And how much were these selling for, you might wonder?


We need to open a store, ladies.


patti said...

I love the Nautie too! I'd like to try one but I don't know why either.
Do you like the womb?
We could do such a cool shop!!

kdh said...

what's so funny is this -- I get an email when mom posts, but not erica. So not having Erica's context, i get this email from mom that says "do you like the womb?"

Good lord.

I'm up for quitting danya and starting a shop. Where?

kdh said...

ok, that is one FREAKY looking thing.

abi's mom said...

The womb is odd, but I kinda like it. They also have a pattern for breast implants, for people who've had a mastectomy. Not your usual bunch o'patterns!