Wednesday, April 05, 2006

my cards and a puppy

posted by amy

hi ladies!!! here's my first ever blog. i hope you like the cards and lucy. I would have shown you more of my crafty-ness and of the new addition but the batteries died in the camera and of course we don't have anymore in the house... so there is more to come.


abi's mom said...

I'm guessing this is from Amy, given the puppy---who I'm absolutely in love with, by the way!!! She is just SO cute!

I like the cards alot, too, and the bracelet, even if it was rather time-consuming.

Welcome, welcome! Can't wait to see more of your stuff once you get more batteries.

abi's mom said...

Oh, and on another note, the contractor and construction guys have officially started working on the house (they called at 8:30 Sunday morning to let us know). We seem to not have a back porch anymore, so I guess there's no turning back now! I'll keep you updated and maybe even post some pictures--after all, it is one of the largest projects I've ever undertaken!

patti said...

Amy~Very nice cards and Lucy is so cute. It looks like she's fallen in love with you guys.

Erica~What are you having done to the house? is this the start of the addition?

abi's mom said...

I think you probably knew about the water damage that we came home to after vacation last year, right? Well, we've been talking about an addition for awhile, so we figured that now would be the time, since about 1/3 of our house was trashed anyway. So we're moving the kitchen and putting on an additon out the back that will be a dining room/living area. There are other "phases" to the project, too, but that's what we're doing at the minute.

kdh said...

Amy -- love the cards. And as for the puppy -- wowza! you know, mom has been hogging the stamps, so i haven't had a chance to play with them. I'm dying to try some things out!

maybe tonight I'll post some jewelry pictures. i've been screwing around wtih some necklaces but I"m still not pleased with the outcome.

Mom, I'm very proud of your willingness to do a free form bracelet. I'm sure the lack of a pattern is somewhat stressful for you!

E -- renovation/addition pictures!

abi's mom said...

ohmigod was the bracelet Patti's? For reasons that are beyond me (though may have has something to do with the fact that it was random & unpatterned), I thought it was Amy's. Duh!

I'll take house pics tomorrow or this weekend. I'm almost scared to go over there.

kdh said...

oh no, that freeform bracelet is all mom. Look at her challenging her synapses in retirement. Yay Patti!

Amy, who was the H card for? I love the colors!

patti said...

The bracelet was beyond my scope of reality! I kept asking for the pattern and the teacher kept saying,"NO!" I already have a blog account, I think. Or maybe three because when I originally did it, I was told repeatedly my pass word was not valid, so I continued to try and ended up with all 3 different names. I think the H card might stand for Holtz?